Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

Good afternoon,

We have been updating our knowledge of Internet Safety and our Digital Citizenship and came across the graphic displayed in the photos about Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety tips for students. Our task was to create a blog post about one of the tips and explain what it means to them, plus some advice on how they can follow the advice on the tip sheet. Have a read to see what some of the students thought of.


All over Australia and all over the world people get bullied daily. It’s a horrible thing and hopefully one day it will be stopped. You can be bullied in many ways, like them saying it to your face, cyber bullying or sometimes people can leave mean notes. I don’t think some people realise the harm of bullying and just do it for fun. Bullying can lead to self harm or suicide. It’s definitely not something to be joking about or doing at all. If you or anyone you know is being bullied in the yard or any where, make sure you contact someone who can help. If someone messages you anonymously, don’t answer and make sure to tell someone. If you find someone leaving notes in your bag, talk to someone. Speaking to anyone will make you feel better. Never let anyone get to you. You are amazing the way you are and don’t need anyone to bring you down. Always remember that. You may have 99 problems but they ain’t going to be one.

By Holly.


Advice from a good internet child:

Online friends. I’ll tell you some sites that have them; Roblox, Facebook, Twitter, and much much more.

But online friends can have a very dark side. Parents would know that but the young children would not until now. There are some terrible men who try to take kids away from asking personal questions like; What’s your age? Where do you live? What’s your real full name?

If somebody asks you these questions if you are a child, unfriend, block, never look at their profile and never talk to them again.

It’s not just men who do this it’s also women. Remember unfriend, block, and no contact.

By Charlotte.


Being yappy online isn’t always a good thing. Actually, it’s never good. Here’s things that you shouldn’t share, and why you shouldn’t post them.

  1. Your full name. People could look you up, and possibly find things on google.
  2. Phone number. If you share this, random people could call you, and trick you into giving them some personal details.
  3. Passwords. If you share your password to, say, Facebook, people may go onto Facebook and go on your account. The next time you go on, there might be things that aren’t true, and random photos.
  4. Your address. This is a big one. if you share your address, people will know where you live. You might be robbed, or worse, murdered.

So there you have 4 helpful tips on cyber safety. Keep safe, and don’t be stupid.

From Tyler.

What happens when you speak out of terms-

1. Imagine you’re playing joyfully on your Xbox in peace and you write a nasty comment about someone and you press send. You then get a message from Xbox live saying that your Xbox has been banned for ever. How would you feel? How would you feel if someone reported you because of your actions? I know I would feel terrible.
2. You’re out in the playground and someone comes up to you and asked you if he can play with you, and you say a sharp NO. He would feel terrible and he could tell you off and you would have to suffer the consequences.
My personal experience-
1. So I was playing my Xbox one day and I asked if I could play with one of my friends. You know what he said? He swore at me and said that he hated me. I felt so bad, that I un- friended him and reported him. So if you don’t want to be banned or get in trouble stop before you say and think and just walk away.
By Declan 5/6G


T20 Blast Competition

Last Friday on November the 3rd, some lucky boys and girls had the opportunity to compete in the T20 Blast. They went to Dixon Fields Reserve in Gisborne. Many schools from around the Region were there to have a fun time. The games commenced around 10:00am. We had 3 games that we played over the day. The girls won 2 out of 3 and we did very well for some of us not being able to play cricket. We came 8th out of 10 and we think that many other teams had the same amount of wins but had more runs. Everyone had a terrific time and we hope our school competes in this tournament in the future!

By Holly & Emma

On 3/11/17 a group of students went to the T20 cricket blast. We represented our school. The boys team won 2 matches out of 3. We lost our first game to St Ambrose because we dropped a lot of catches. Like they say, catches win matches. We won our next two games against Gisborne Primary and Sunbury Heights Primary. So the boys team got into the finals. Unfortunately we lost the finals, although we played our best. We got lots of fours and sixes during the day. The final was against St. Bernard’s Primary school from Bacchus Marsh. We really enjoyed the day and overall our performance in the matches was really good. Thanks for reading,

By Mithil.

Summer Sports 1st September

Good morning readers,

On Friday, 1st of September we had our annual Summer Sports Carnival amongst the Sunbury schools. The sports that we played were Basketball, Softball, Volleyball and Kanga Cricket. Below are some summaries written by some students in grade 5/6:

On Friday, me and a group of friends went to go to the Boardman reserve to play cricket. I think that our team did really good especially Declan with his fast bowls. I think we can improve on our positioning. We need to get in position to catch and stop balls. I think a funny moment was when I was trying to get the stumps out of the wicket and I had one to get and I jumped on it and slipped. I was really proud when I got someone out. My mum and dad were really proud of me.

By Dylan, 5/6G.

On Friday the 1st of September, 19 students from Sunbury West, 9 girls and 10 boys, went to Boardman oval to compete in Softball against 2 teams. The boys first game was against Goonawarra. It was a nerve racking game, and the scores were drawn at 3-3, even though we clearly got one of their home runners out. But it was good to have played a game after 2 hours of waiting. The girls also drew their first game at 4-4. Our second game was against Heights. We smashed them at 1-8, and I got my first home run! I was also lucky when I went for a catch, but it went through my hands… and into Hayden’s! What Luck! The girls also won at 2-3. We played Goonawarra again, and won 1-5. It was a brilliant game and since we won that game, we got the small schools pendant and got through to the next level!

By Tyler, 5/6G.

Set, Dig, Spike! Another one of the net! That was the stupid chant we were singing. It was a parody of Katy Perry’s song “Swish, Swish, Bish!” We would sing it randomly. When we did well. It was actually quite funny.
We won some of our games. 3/7. I wasn’t expecting to do extraordinary so it was very interesting. I think our team played well and one of our strong points was setting, we really could improve in serving.
The highlight of the day was when I accidentally hit Zac in the face while serving. We were laughing so hard.
So we were more of a team all the girls wore braids in their hair. We also put zinc on our faces. Some of us also wore anklets. Overall it was a great day.

By Holly, 5/6G.

On Friday the 1st of September, all the grade 5/6s went to Boardman to represent Sunbury West in the Summer sports. A couple of my friends and I played cricket on Boardman Reserve. Our coach Mrs Langman couldn’t Make because her daughter was really sick so she had to take care of her. So we had Mrs Todd, we got to play four games, two of them we lost and two of them we won. The first game was against Our Lady of Mt Carmel, they won 111-86.
Our second game was against Sunbury Heights, they smashed us 176- 68. Our third game was against Diggers rest, that time we smashed 178- 68. And are last game was against Goonawarra, we won 168- 62. And they were all the games. Every game 2 people had to stay on the bench, I didn’t need to because Mrs Langman wanted me to play all of them. Over all it was a great day and I thought I went great with my bowling and batting, I hit a lot of runs and got lost of wickets. So it was a great day and I thought my team did great.

By Declan, 5/6G.

Every year the 5/6’s head off to Boardman Reserve. This year as a year 6 it my turn. There were multiple choices of sports such as Cricket, Softball, Volleyball and basketball I ended up choosing Volleyball. In the beginning when we arrived at Boardman Stadium we pumped ourselves up for the games that were ahead of us. We put white zinc on our faces like warriors, just for fun and the started to play. Our first game we played agents Sunbury Primary. The mixed team play first which was the team I was on, and we smashed them. As the games past we won a few and lost a few. But no matter if we won or lost a game we still tried our best. There were a few things we could improve on such as hitting the ball over the net and our serves. But in the end we all had fun.

By Tianna, 5/6 G.

On Friday the 1st of the 9 we went to Boardman Reserve when we got to the bus and went to Boardman Oval. We did a drill to get warmed up 10 minutes later and it was the first game, we were doing the toss we lost the toss and we were fielding. I was bowling first. The third ball was the best ball because they hit it and l got someone out, but we lost the game. It was the next game we lost the toss again so we were fielding. First I got 3 out by run out that game was the best game because I got 3 people. The next game was a good game because we lost the toss but we won the game. It was the next game but it was a weird game because we played for 15 minutes, and had 4 balls I got 1 out but it was a good game.

By Ashley, 5/6G.

On Friday the 1st of September all the 5s and 6s left to go to Boardman Stadium or Boardman Oval to play either basketball,softball,volleyball or cricket. I was in the softball team. When we got there we had to wait for two hours until we played our first game which was the girls, but before we watched the girls we all went and watched the basketballers. Later that day we walked back to watch the girls play their first game. All the action happened in a flash and we were walking to watch the cricketers were we would catch the bus leave, when we were watching the cricketers an alarm went off at the pub and we all got kind of got scared then 15 minutes minutes later the bus picked us up and we left…then everything turned back to boring.

By Travis, 5/6G.

On Friday the 1/9/17 the 5 and 6s went to Boardman Reserve/Stadium to represent our school in different sports. The 5 and 6s represented SWPS in Kanga cricket, Volleyball, Softball and Basketball. I chose to participate in cricket. There were 8 people in our team. I would say our team did pretty good. We won 2 games and lost 2 as well. I personally went good. I hit a couple of 4s and took a couple of wickets. In total I took 16 wickets in 4 matches which means on an average I took 4 wickets per game. During the day the weather was good. We all worked together as a team. We all had fun.

By Mithil.


St John’s First Aid Incursion

On Wednesday the 16/8/17 we had the St. John’s First Aid incursion. A lady came and taught us about first aid and how you can save lives and fix problems e.g. breathing trouble.

They taught us to do CPR. And we went through a procedure about how to save a life. As we have it every year we knew what it was about. We have it every year so we don’t forget it in a case of emergency.I hope I never need to do CPR on anyone.

By Mithil.

Physical Education

Hey everyone,

We’ll be talking about how our P.E. lessons are going.

So, at the moment we are doing badminton, and that’s going well. We have started this term just practising our badminton skills, but since we’ve had several weeks getting better, we have now got nets up, which are getting higher, and most people are having a blast. We even now have music playing while we’re doing badminton.

Here’s what some people think of it:

Jaxon- ‘ Well, it was fun at stages and bad as well, because I’m not a big fan of badminton but i still enjoyed it all.’

James W- ‘ Really fun but sometimes it gets annoying when you get it wrong.’

Tianna- ‘It’s really fun playing with other people and having some teams.’

Indya- ‘It’s really fun getting to play tournaments with people you don’t usually play with.’

Charlotte- ‘ It’s OK, but I really don’t like it.’

Jalen- ‘I liked it, but I suck at it.’

Aaiden- ‘It was kinda boring because every time I hit the shuttlecock,  it would go out.’

So, as you can see, most people we interviewed like badminton. Yet 1, or 2, people didn’t like badminton, but us, we loved it. We think the secret to badminton is that you can’t get the the shuttlecock to close to your body, because the rackets neck is so long. Also, the net is high, so you can’t smash it down.

Yours sincerely,

Tyler, Brandon and Jaxon.

Awesome Sportsome!

Good day sirs and madams,

Every year the 5/6s of the Sunbury schools go off to compete in the Summer Sports tournament held at Boardman Reserve and Stadium. The sports we compete in are Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket & Softball. We have been training for a while to compete. The basketball is run on 6 courts with 5 people playing at once and 2-4 subs. There are 2 teams, boys and girls. Volleyball has 8 players and 6 on the court at once. There is a girl team and a mixed/boy team as girls can play with the boys. Kanga Cricket will bring 13 as players and 11 play at once. For cricket there is usually 1 team as not many try out. Softball brings 9 people, and they all play at once. We wear special uniform so people recognise us as Sunbury West students.

Here are some thoughts from students about the sports that they are playing:

Stasia – Basketball – I’m feeling excited & nervous about competing against other schools.

Mithil – Cricket – I’m excited to go up and play against others schools, I’m feeling quite confident because it’s my second year.

Ava – softball – I’m feeling good because there are good players and we are strong.

Zac – Volleyball – I’m feel excited because our players are good.

Thanks for reading,

Holly, Tianna and Indya.

5/6 G.

Fraction Action!

Hi everyone,

In the last couple of days students from 5/6 G and 5/6 M have been working hard on creating fraction number lines. Here are some thoughts on what the students have learned:

Tianna and Indya – “Today I learnt how to work out improper fractions properly!”

Brandon – “Today I learnt that you can place a higher number on top (numerator) than the number on the bottom (denominator). This is called an improper fraction.”

Mithil – “Today I learnt other ways to find the exact place of fractions on a number line.”

Declan – “Today I learnt that you can have a fraction where the top number is higher than the bottom number. This is called an improper fraction.”

James – “Today I learnt where fractions go on a number line and strategies to find this out exactly.”


Sunbury College Film Festival

Earlier this term, we were given the fantastic opportunity to enter a film festival that was organised by Sunbury College. The successful entries were then shown at Reading Cinemas. It was a real movie star experience!

Here is a report by Maddy in 5/6L about the night:

The grade 5/6students got an opportunity to make a short film to show at reading cinemas Sunbury for the Sunbury College Film Festival. For those who wanted to make a film they had to make a storyboard as their plan. A couple days after we got told about this the two media studies teachers (Ms.Abbott & Ms.Tweedie) and a couple of students came to our school. They were provided with a group to help make our movies. To qualify into the competition we had to airdrop our films to Ms.Tweedie so she can see who they want as the finalists. We soon found out if we were a finalist or not. Luckily enough, mine and Bianca’s film got to be a finalist. On the 30th of May most of the people who got to be shown on the big screen(including the people who didn’t get to be a finalist)were there. We watched all the films including the Sunbury College films. There were three judges. One of them had helped make Iron Man2.They had lots of donuts there and drinks.

The winners were:

Best Film & Audience Favourite – “The Famous Three”   

Holly, Cam, Indya, Tyler and Tianna

Best Technical Skills – “Academy”             

Bianca and Maddison

Best Story – “The Blue Umbrella”

Jake, Hayden and Branden

Thanks to Ms.Moore,Mr.Gregory and Mrs.Langman for coming along on the night. It was a fantastic experience!

By Maddison 5/6 L

To finish this post, here are some of the entries into the competition. I think we can all agree that all the students who participated did a fantastic job with an excellent end product. Sit back and enjoy!